International Fire and Explosion Investigations since 1979

Types of Investigations

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial structures
  • Road vehicles of all kinds
  • Mining, construction, and agricultural mobile machinery
  • Static plant and equipment
  • Ships, boats and marine equipment
  • Personal injury caused by thermal exposure
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Investigation clients

  • Insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • Government departments
  • Private companies and businesses
  • Individuals and not-for-profits

Reports and Outputs

  • Verbal advice to clients / lawyers
  • Summary report for internal use by client
  • Comprehensive report for litigation
  • Expert testimony
  • Root cause analysis
  • Other recommendations

Our Services

Primary Investigations

We examine the scene and gather information to establish the origin, cause and circumstances of an incident.

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Secondary Investigation & Review

When the incident scene is no longer available we review documents and images to clarify events and resolve disputes.

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Expert advice & evidence

We provide a range of report types, advice to legal representatives and expert testimony in courts and tribunals, with experience in a wide range of jurisdictions.

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Training and Education

We provide customised training in all aspects of fire and arson investigation to public and private sector agencies.

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What makes Fire Forensics so special?

Our focus has always been on the best quality first, supported by the latest scientific and technical know-how and the highest levels of personal and corporate integrity.

We have the knowledge

We have a wide range of scientific and skills to find the answers you need

Great certified team

Our investigators have excellent scientific and vocational qualifications, with added globally recognised certifications.  We subscribe to a range of professional bodies and associations.


We provide a range of report formats to suit your needs, centred on supplying comprehensive yet easy to understand answers to very complex problems.

Easy and approachable

Our friendly team is easy to contact and ready to help.

Over 35 years of experience

Specialising in on-site and laboratory fire investigation methods since 1979, we have unrivalled experience in applying the appropriate methods and interpreting the results in context.

We travel

We will undertake investigations all over Australia, New Zealand and in most countries of the world.  We have investigated fires in UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and Antarctica.

Associations & Memberships


Customers & Partners