New Location for our Warehouse and Laboratory Space

3 September 2019

We have relocated our Warehouse and Laboratory Space from the Central Coast, NSW to the Sydney Metropolitan Area in Penrith. The exciting, new space is much larger than our original space. The upgrade was due to the large amount of exhibits we now have that is also due to us expanding our team. This now allows us to not only conduct workshop and laboratory examinations but also hold meetings and conduct training and development exercises for our team, clients and colleagues within the Fire Investigation Field.

New Trainee Fire Investigator, Aaron Markey

10 August 2019

We are proud to announce that our Summer Intern of 2017-2018, Aaron Markey has returned to us as a Trainee Fire Investigator after finishing his Bachelors Degree in Forensics Science (Applied Chemistry) at hte University of Technology Sydney. He will be under the guidance of our Four Senior Fire Investigators throughout his training. Aaron has already expressed his interest in Vehicle and Heavy Machinery Fires. We cannot wait to see the impact he has on the Cire Investigation Field.