Our Services

Primary Investigation

Our onsite investigation methods are detailed and precise.  They are based on the latest recommended methodology from NFPA 921 and other reputable sources, and we avoid outdated techniques still relied upon by some investigators.

Laboratory / Workshop Inspection and Testing

We examine and test items and materials recovered from incidents or other sources for evidence of electrical faults, mechanical failures, thermal damage and other points of interest.  We can also conduct ignition and combustion testing.  Where necessary, we outsource specialist examination and testing to our trusted contractors.

Secondary Investigation & Review

We critically review previous investigation reports, photographs, video records, witness statements and other material. Additional research, modelling or reconstruction is often required.  Previous investigations may be found to be flawed, incomplete or not impartial.

Reports & Outputs

Reports and recommendations are tailored to your specific requirements.  Many of our clients prefer to start with an illustrated Summary Report.  Others may want just a team briefing or a detailed exposition.   For litigation, a full Expert Witness report complying with a local Code of Conduct is usually required.  You decide what format you need at every stage.

Expert advice & evidence

We will provide you with the expert help you require in interview question planning, mediation and arbitration, and full litigation.  Our investigators have the qualifications and expertise to give expert witness evidence in court.

Training & Education

We can provide a wide range of theory and practical input to suit your needs. Examples include: scene preservation for first responders; basic fire investigation for firefighters, crime scene examiners and corporate security; advanced modules for public and private sector specialists; arson awareness for management. Many of our courses are delivered via Gardiner Associates partner program.