Our Customers

Our wide range of clients bring us an even wider range of fires, explosions and other combustion-related incidents to investigate.

Not all of them seem to be ‘forensic’ at first glance.  If you or your business do not fit one of the descriptions above, or you don’t know if we can help with your problem, give us a call.  We will be glad to discuss it with you and even if we can’t help, there is a good chance we know someone who can.

Insurance companies

We find the origin and cause of the incident. We then look at the circumstances of situation and determine the liability. Including product safety and injury.


  • Origin
  • Cause
  • Circumstances
  • Fraud
  • Liability
  • Product Safety
  • Injury

Feel free to email enquiries@fireforensics.com.au for more information.

Law firms

Origin, cause, plaintiff, defendant, injury compensation, standards and legislation.

Government Departments

Origin, cause, circumstances, statutory requirements, prevention

Private Companies

Origin, cause, circumstances, liability, statutory requirements, prevention, injury


Wrongful arrest / charge, civil dispute, injury, criminal defence; pro-bono work may be undertaken

Customised for You

Whatever your question relating to a fire or explosion investigation, we can prepare a scope of work addressing what you really need and leaving out the expensive extras that other firms might want to include.  Our cost estimates are valid for a month and, if you accept the terms, will not be exceeded without your written authority.

Make it happen

When you appoint us to carry out work for you, whether it is an investigation, review, advice on how to proceed or a training course for your staff, one of our Directors will be allocated to be your personal point of contact.  From then on, timings and other arrangements can be swiftly negotiated without complex chains of command being involved.